OSBL Project Engineer

OSBL Project Engineer

Kansas City, MO

Dependent on Experience


Project Engineer II – OSBL

Job Description

The project scope includes a 2000 KTA Ethane Cracking Unit, two 1000 KTA Polyethylene units, and supporting OSBL facilities.  The OSBL scope of this project covers all systems not in the ISBL units such as water treatment, steam generation, rail, drainage and outfall, air compressors, power, buildings, fire water, and infrastructure.

The OSBL Project Engineer is responsible for assuring design and engineering result in safe, reliable operations and the constructed facilities and equipment meet business unit, operations, process safety, maintenance and environmental requirements.The OSBL Project Engineer will be the Company’s focal point for technical queries, clarifications, engineering, design, procurement and construction activities related to assigned Offsite and Utilities areas of responsibility.  The role requires collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to identify gaps, develop solutions, provide expert feedback, develop procedures, and produce a capital efficient facility.

Key Offsite and Utilities Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure capital efficient design is implemented through each phase of project execution
  • Oversee design and engineering development, and construction of assigned areas
  • Ensure project technical and contract requirements are satisfied by monitoring and reviewing design outputs of contractor and vendors
  • Ensure operations and maintenance requirements are satisfied
  • Review and approve requisitions for inquiry and purchase of equipment
  • Participate in kickoff meetings with critical vendors
  • Ensure factory and site acceptance tests adequately check the equipment
  • Participate in and coordinate specialist participation for equipment inspections at vendor shop for major equipment
  • Coordinate and interface with external stakeholders
  • Manage, coordinate and consolidate responses to queries, clarifications and document reviews from stakeholders
  • Provide design and engineering input and recommendations considering capital costs, safety, environmental, operability, maintainability and reliability
  • Coordinate with other disciplines (Instrumentations, electrical, civil, etc.) where cross-functional support is required
  • Engage subject matter experts (SMEs) when needed
  • Liaison with and provide input to ISBL personnel on technical issues
  • Provide the technical expertise to assist in achieving accuracy in project piping and instrumentation drawings
  • Provide part-time support of 3D model reviews and process hazard reviews
  • Ensure timely, high quality contractor, subcontractor, and vendor deliverables are produced
  • Advise project management of developments that could affect safety, quality, cost or schedule
  • Assist in preparation of operations system for organizingand maintaining documentation necessary for operation
  • Coordinate Company review of Management of Changes (MOC) and PHA Action Requests


  • Bachelor’s degree or above in engineering with 10+ years of relevant experience required
  • Previous major capital project experience and/or working with an EPC contractor required
  • Offsite and Utilities project experience desired.

Skills Required

  • Highly motivated and a self-starter
  • Excellent communication skills, teamwork, leadership and customer focus
  • Ability to develop relationships with both internal and external customers and stakeholders
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Confidently shares opinions and recommendations.

Work Location

  • FEED/EPC office in Kansas City, MO followed by construction site location (East Texas).
  • Commitment to stay on the project through startup and stable operation (approximately 6 years)